Wednesday 27 June 2020
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ROS IRAN ELECTRONIC Since 1998 its activities in the field of production and distribution of electronic components began seriously 

ROS IRAN ELECTRONIC store 20-year-old in this country (IRAN) has been serving industrial and military electronics Iranian and Russian-store electronics with possessing expertise in the field of industrial electronics in Central Asia passion With your loved ones in the military and industrial industries industrious and imports efficiently done that A variety of industrial and military connectors and various wires and heat resistant Teflon silver wire and tin coated wires Shield As well as military and industrial relays and a variety of other components such as transistors and resistors for industrial and military thyristor and diode AC and .... Provide you with the most appropriate price ROS IRAN ELECTRONIC store After years of successful experience in producing and distributing furniture and military Sny Relying on its facilities and equipment you need the ability to supply parts of East Asia and Central Asia is

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