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Product Specifications

  • Product name : рпг3
  • Product Code : 704
  • Group : Relay
  • Subgroup : Russian
  • Existence : Available

Full profile

Intermediate reed relay series RPG-3


The relay intermediate reed switches series RPG-3 are designed for operation in automation and control circuits made on printed circuit boards, for 12 and 24VDC supply voltage, rectified three-phase current with a ripple frequency of at least 300Hz without the use of a filter, as well as rectified current with a filter , Providing a ripple of not more than 6%.

Relays are suitable for operation in control systems based on microprocessor technology and are component parts.

The structure of the conventional designation RPG-3X23XXXX:


RPG - intermediate reed relay;
3 - serial number;
X - "-" - a separating sign or K - modification of the relay with improved parameters and characteristics;
2 - type of attachment and method of connecting external wires (printed mounting);
3 - type of reed switch KEM-3 (ODO 360.05 TU);
ХХ - number of switching contacts: 01 - one contact; 02 - two contacts;
XX - climatic performance and placement category (У3; О4) according to GOST 15150-69.

terms of Use

Height above sea level up to 4300 m.
The upper operating value of the ambient air temperature is 55 ° C.
At altitudes above 2100 m, the upper temperature value decreases by 0.6 ° C for every 100 m.
Atmosphere type II according to GOST 15150-69.
Working position in any space.
Mechanical design group M7 in accordance with GOST17516.1-90;
It is allowed to operate the relay when placed in places provided for groups of mechanical design M1, M2, M3, M4, M6 and M8 according to GOST 17516.1-90.
The degree of protection relay IР41, terminals - IР00 in accordance with GOST 14255-69.
The relays are intended for switching loads of application category DС-21 according to GOST 17523-85 and АС-21 according to GOST 12434-93.
Safety requirements comply with GOST According to the method of protecting a person from electric shock, the relay belongs to class 0 according to GOST
Requirements for fire safety in accordance with GOST 12.1.004-91.
Relays are manufactured for domestic and export supplies and comply with TU 16-647.062-87.
Codes for the OKP in the complete (assortment) nomenclature are listed in Table. 1.

Normative-technical document (TU)

TU 16-647.062-87



Rated supply voltage, V 12 and 24

The deviation of the supply voltage of the control coil Uom 0.85-1.1

Rated current of relay contacts, A 1,25

Rated operational currents of contacts, A 5 * 10-6-1,25

Rated voltage of relay contacts, V 127

Rated operating contact voltages, V 5 * 10-2-127

Closing time of the contact pair upon tripping and closing time

Breaking contact pair when the relay is returned, ms, no more than 1.5

Mechanical durability of contacts, million cycles VO, not less than 1

Electrical strength of insulation under normal climatic conditions, V 1000



The power consumption of the relay winding in the cold state corresponds to the data in Table. 2.


The insulation resistance of the relay types RPG-3-2301 and RPG-3-2302 corresponds to row 1, type relay RPG-3K2301 and RPG-3K2302 - row 2.

The parameters of the electrical circuits switched by the contacts, and the switching wear resistance of the relay contacts, depending on the application category for the modes of normal commutations, correspond to those indicated in Table. 3.


When commutating inductive and capacitive loads, as well as in the operation of incandescent glows, contact protection is carried out in accordance with the requirements of OST 11.0152-85.

The warranty period of storage of the relay is 3 years from the date of manufacture.

The warranty period of the relay operation is 2 years from the date of commissioning.

Warranties on the relay are removed after 5 years from the date of manufacture.


The relay is a device whose main elements are the coil (Figure 1) and the reed switches located in it.

Conclusions of reed switches and coils are soldered to lamellas. The distance between the lamellas is a multiple of the step equal to 2.5 mm. The coil covers the screen, designed to increase the sensitivity of the relay and to protect against the influence of external magnetic fields. The relay is closed with a cover.


Fig. 1.:


General view of the intermediate relay types RPG-3-230200 and RPG-3K230200:

1 - the coil;

2 - the screen;

3 - reed switches;

4 - a casing;

5 - a trademark of the manufacturer;

6 - production date


The overall and mounting dimensions of the relay are shown in Fig.2.

The electrical schematic diagram of the relay is shown in Fig. 3 and 4.

The protection circuit of the relay contacts is shown in Fig. 5.


Fig. 2.


Overall and mounting dimensions of the RPG-3 relay


Fig. 3.


Electrical schematic diagram of relay types RPG-3-230100 and RPG-3K230100


Fig. 4.:



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